Saturday, December 22, 2007


Man turns blue
By Duncan Hooper
Last Updated: 3:48pm GMT 21/12/2007

An American man's attempts to cure an irritating skin condition backfired when his face turned blue.

Fair-skinned Paul Karason developed dermatitis as a result of stress 14 years ago and decided to treat it using silver extract.

The substance is usually consumed orally but Mr Karason also decided to rub it into his peeling skin to accelerate the effects.

14年前に皮膚炎を発症して、治療薬の使い方を誤った結果として青く成ってしまったそうですが、竹内文書に出て来る五色人の青人(あおびと、肌が青白い。現在は純血種ほとんどなし)が発見されたのかと思いました。 surprised

ガミラス星人みたいです。 mrgreen

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