Thursday, December 21, 2006

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry

Frank Owen Gehry, (born Ephraim Owen Goldberg in Toronto, Ontario on February 28, 1929) is a Pritzker Prize winning architect based in Los Angeles, California.

His buildings, including his private residence, have become tourist attractions. Many museums, companies, and cities seek Gehry's services as a badge of distinction, regardless of the product he delivers. from Wikipedia

Dancing House

MIT's Stata Center

Venice Beach House

Dancing House は以前、取り上げたんですが、今まで半分くらいはフォトショップで加工された写真だと思っていました。 surprised
鳥の巣箱みたいな家(部屋? or 警備室?)も可愛くて良いです。 biggrin

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Cesar said...

hi shu! thanks for all the cool stuff! love your blog.

Shu said...

Hi Cesar!
Thank you very much.
Muito obrigado. from Japan. :-)