Wednesday, September 06, 2006



Have you ever wondered what you might look like as a beautiful model or magazine cover girl? Now you can! HeTurnedShe combines fantasy with reality to create results that just can't be found other places.

HeTurnedShe uses a process that is "virtual" which means no physical changes are actually made. Years have been spent studying feminine facial features and characteristics to create a high-quality makeover technique, turning he into she!

ニューハーフの様に成っている写真も多いですが、好きになってしまいそうな写真もいくつか有りました。 mrgreen

元の写真がないのが残念です・・・ mrgreen

$50.00 だそうです。変身願望の有る方、如何ですか?

Via Weekly Teinou 蜂 Woman

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