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Man copies sword swallowing routine

Ananova - Man copies sword swallowing routine

A drunk man had to be rushed to hospital after trying to perform a sword swallowing routine.
Serb Ratko Dankovic, 23, had been drinking Rakia with mates while watching a magician perform a sword swallowing trick on the television.
23歳の Serb Ratko Dankovic は友人達と飲みながら、テレビでマジシャンが剣を飲み込むパフォーマンスを演じているのを見ていた。
They then started arguing over how the trick was done, and when Dankovic told mates that sword swallowing was easy and anyone could do it - they challenged him to prove it.
彼らはトリックがどの様に行われたかで議論を始めた。そして、Dankovic が友人達にあんな剣を飲み込むのは簡単な事で誰にでも出来ると言った時、友人達は証明して見ろと挑んだ。
But he had to be rushed to the local hospital after swallowing a knife with an eight inch blade, eight nails, two spoons and a couple of clothes pegs to win the ten pound bet.
His friend Aleksander Tadic, 25, said: "He stood in the corner of the room and was holding this stuff above his head and swallowing it with his head tilted back, and we all thought it was just part of the act. We had no idea he was really swallowing it. He must have been really drunk to have managed to get it down his throat without gagging. I can't believe he really swallowed all that junk - I thought he was just pretending and then hiding it in his pockets or something.
彼の友人の25歳の Aleksander Tadic は「彼は部屋の隅に立ち、これらの物を頭の上で持ち、頭を後ろに傾け、それを飲み込んだ。私達はみんなそれはパフォーマンスの一部だと思った。彼が本当にそれを飲み込むとは考えもしなかった。それを喉に詰まらせもせずに飲み込めたのは、彼は本当に酔っぱらっていたに違いない。彼があんな物を全て飲み込んだとは本当に信じられない。彼は飲み込んだ振りをしてそれをポケットに隠したか何かだと思った。」と言った。
Dr Maja Gulan said: "He was lucky. His stomach or intestines were not significantly injured. It could have been very different. Doctors successfully removed all the items in a five-hour operation."
ドクター Maja Gulan は5時間の手術で全て上手く取り除き「彼はラッキーだった。彼の胃や腸は特に傷ついていなかった。違った結果になる可能性もあった」と言った。
Dankovic who is still being kept in hospital, said: "I don't remember a thing until I woke up here in hospital with a sore throat and 30 stitches on a cut on my abdomen. My girlfriend has told me she hopes they got everything out, we are planning to fly on holiday next month and she doesn't want me getting stopped by the airport metal detector."
まだ病院に居る Dankovic は「痛い喉と腹部に30針縫われて、病院で起きるまでの事を何も覚えていない。私の彼女は私にドクター達は全てを取り出してくれた事を望む、私達は来月、休暇を取る計画をしているので、私に空港で金属探知器に引っかかって欲しくないと言った」と言った。

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