Friday, August 25, 2006


Laptop Bursts Into Flames -
Owner Says Laptop Was Charging
POSTED: 10:55 am CDT August 23, 2006

Kupperman said his laptop computer was turned off, but was charging at the time of the fire. He said the only damage was a smudge on the wall and fire extinguisher dust on the furniture.


The batteries were made by Sony and placed in notebooks that were shipped between April 2004 and July 18.

The Kuppermans' laptop used a Sony lithium-ion battery, which is a different battery than the one recalled.

Paul Kupperman さんの奥さんが別のコンピュータでメールを読んでいると、充電中のソニーのVAIOノートが炎上したそうです。


Via Engadget
Engadget Japanese に日本語の記事が出ています。

ソニーは VAIO は問題がないとアナウンスしていますが、大丈夫なんでしょうか? eusa_think

Shu's Blog での関連記事
Dell のラップトップが爆発炎上

Dell, Sony discussed battery problem 10 months ago
Sony made changes to minimize the problem but did not recall suspect batteries because it wasn't clear that they were dangerous

By Paul F. Roberts
August 18, 2006
Dell and Sony knew about and discussed manufacturing problems with Sony-made Lithium-Ion batteries as long as ten months ago, but held off on issuing a recall until those flaws were clearly linked to catastrophic failures causing those batteries to catch fire, a Sony Electronics spokesman said Friday.


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